Monday, June 19, 2006

Everyone needs a wingman.

The Wing. Sometimes called the Chicken Wing, the Buffalo Wing, or the Hot Wing it is essentially the same thing wherever you order it and whatever you call it. Their variety in name is out done only in their variety of flavors- Hot, Mild, Honey Hot, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Hot, Insanity, various types of BBQ the list goes on and on. There is a quest that is on going for many wing connoisseurs. The quest for the perfect wing. We have all had a perfect wing. Right now you can all imagine it I am sure. For some it is a Hot Garlic eaten at a 25 cent wing Tuesday while for others it was the 5th out of a dozen in an appetizer at Ruby Tuesdays, but in reality, that perfect wing isn't about the wing. That perfect wing is an experience. It is the perfect sauce (plenty of flavor and plenty of heat, not just hot for the sake of being hot) followed by good beer and in the company of great friends. Yet after you have that perfect wing, many become focused on having it again. Unfortunately, this simply isn't possible. That perfect wing was not a wing, but a moment; and in trying to reach it again you will miss out on all of the other perfect wings that you may have. The sauce may not be as tasty, and the beer may be a bit warm, but if you are having a good meal with good friends, that perfect wing will always be yours.